Shoe Review – On Cloudflow

Shoe Review : On CloudFlow 


Apologies, It’s been a little while since I last posted on Welshrunningdad, largely due to the fact that most of my spare time in the evenings is now spent debating with our two year old son on the benefits of wearing a nappy.

The aforementioned nappy boycott coupled with shouts of ‘I want pants‘ at any particular ungodly hour throughout the night is not conducive to feeling mentally conscious enough to blog after work.

Sadly he has won the battle and we are now facing some sadistic form of faecal Russian Roulette which keep us on our toes, literally at times……..

However,  contrary to this within my running world I am pleased to say things are slightly more orderly.

I am extremely pleased to announce I have been accepted as an ‘Expert Shoe Reviewer’ for which is a fantastic site offering reviews on a wide variety of running shoes.

I am currently training for the Great Welsh Half marathon in three weeks time  which has provided me with a perfect opportunity to provide my first review as I put the On Cloudflow running shoe through its paces.

Read my first review here:




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